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Our foundress, Catherine McAuley, began teaching the poor because at that time no one else felt that they were worth educating.  They needed knowledge and skills in order to provide for themselves.

Nowadays many people feel a great need for values, direction and a purpose in life. Teaching can be so much more than the mere handing on of knowledge. The 'extra' that a teacher gives flows from who she is rather than what she knows. 

Sister Elizabeth with children

Celebrating gaining the 'Investors in People' award

Teachers today face enormous challenges.  Children are demanding, accustomed as they are to television and computer games, they expect to be entertained as well as informed. We do not seek to impose our beliefs and values on them but, by the quality of our relationship with them, to show that each is unique, valued and important and has their own individual contribution to make.  This is vital in a society where so many feel worthless and powerless.

Sister Agatha helping children with their reading

Sister Magdalene having fun with some children

A First Communion group

Sr Michael enjoying a storybook with a little girl

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