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Procession of nuns in 1937
A Procession in 1937

The first Convent of Mercy in England  was founded in Bermondsey in 1840.  From there Sisters were sent to Gravesend in 1860 to carry out their mission of prayer and caring for the poor and neglected.



At our centenary celebration in 1960 the Bishop said,  "We know what a benefit it is in any parish where there are Sisters, whether they care for the sick and afflicted, teach in schools   or serve God in prayer and contemplation.  They are a great source of strength."

The convent in Hillside Drive, Gravesend
The Convent at Hillside Drive


The Christmas crib in the convent chapel


The birth of Jesus and his continuing presence in our world is, and always has been, our inspiration.  Prayer and the support of our community, together with a deep sense of joy and personal fulfilment empower us for our mission.

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