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Sisters Helen, Elizabeth and Magdalene relaxing together
Relaxing together

Sisters Paul and Magdalerne chatting as they take a walk
Friendship & support

Our Congregation is Apostolic, which means we were founded to meet specific social needs, while a deep relationship with God was always at the heart of our way of life.  Our personal call is to follow Christ in a radical way.  Many of us would say that at the time of our entry into Religious Life we had mixed motives, but we would now admit that without the gradual ever-deepening relationship with God, Religious Life today would be difficult to sustain.

Our history in responding to social needs speaks for itself.  However, our present day Welfare Society provides many of the services initially met by the Sisters.  Nonetheless there are many people on the margins of society who need our ministry.

Perhaps, in this stressful modern day life with its many emotional and physical illnesses, the greatest unmet needs, which we aim to meet, are in the area of 'spirituality':- the quest for God and the search for the meaning of life.  In our affluent and success-driven society many experience an emptiness and a hunger for spirituality.  People look to us Religious Sisters for help.  Although we do not have all the answers and those we have may not satisfy the questioner, at least, in our shared quest they may experience a glimpse of the Gospel which will give meaning to their lives.

'Novo Millenio Invenuto', the Church's Charter for this millennium, calls on us Religious to make our homes 'genuine schools of prayer and communion' and to meet 'widespread demands for spirituality' as a response to the 'world's deepest yearnings'.  Our days are planned in such a way that there is space for personal and community prayer as well as communal eating and recreation.  All of this gives us a sense of fulfilment.  This support, companionship and shared vision empowers us for our mission.

We invite young women to join us and experience meaning in their own lives while endeavouring to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Sharing a meal
Sharing a meal

A Sister studying in her room
Work & study

The choir and organist
Our Choir

Sisters at prayer in the chapel
Prayer & solitude

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